E-cigarettes are hooking a new generation of kids, thanks to Big Tobacco tricks like slick marketing, thousands of kid-friendly flavors and massive doses of nicotine. Last year, e-cigarette use among high schoolers skyrocketed by 78%. This dangerous epidemic is putting millions of kids at risk and threatens decades of hard-fought progress in reducing youth tobacco use. And it’s getting worse.

With bold action, we can end the youth e-cigarette epidemic and spare a generation from the grip of addiction to nicotine.

We will:

  • Advocate for policies to reverse this epidemic, especially by prohibiting flavored e-cigarettes and pushing for strong FDA action;
  • Build a nationwide movement to demand change; and 
  • Launch hard-hitting communications campaigns to spread the word about this escalating crisis and stand up to companies like JUUL.

It’s time to protect our kids. Because this crisis can’t wait.