Elvis Reyes

Brooklyn, NY

Elvis Reyes decided to become involved in the fight against tobacco after seeing his grandfather die from health complications resulting from their lifelong tobacco addiction. While making great progress to fight back against tobacco, Elvis noticed a new tobacco product making its way through hallways and classrooms: e-cigarettes.

It started with a handful of students, but it wasn’t long before it seemed like every student at Elvis’ school was using e-cigarettes. In his Brooklyn neighborhood, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the sight of Juul at every bodega and corner store — even if it could be avoided, his social media feeds were flooded with posts about Juul. Soon enough, Elvis noticed that more and more of his peers were being lured by Juul’s sweet flavors, potent nicotine punch and easily concealable design. He knew he had to fight back to prevent more classmates from being trapped in a lifetime of addiction.

Elvis is now a leader in the Flavors Hook Kids NYC campaign to ban all flavored e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products. He’s even taken his message to Congress. Whether it’s speaking at press conferences or talking to elected leaders, Elvis’ mission is to stop the tobacco industry from addicting a new generation of kids.

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